Solidcore Tysons Revamps Your Standard Pilates for a Grueling Workout

If you're looking for a way to spice up your fitness routine without wreaking havoc on your muscles, Solidcore Tysons has it. The studio offers a juiced-up version of Pilates performed atop Sweatlana, a revamped version of the Pilates Reformer. Sweatlana provides the proper resistance so that you can move...


Solidcore Tysons Boasts a Proprietary Exercise Machine That Transforms Bodies

Solidcore Tysons offers workouts that you can't experience anywhere else, because only Solidcore studios feature its proprietary machine. Playfully dubbed "Sweatlana," the Solidcore machine could be most closely compared to a Pilates Reformer. Its flat plank slides back and forth, a series of springs and straps offering resistance during your...


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