Enjoy a Fresh and Fast Meal at Urban Plates

Urban Plates was born in San Diego, and you can see the Californian influence in its fresh, healthy, plant-heavy food. The fast-casual chain recently expanded beyond the borders of California and opened a branch in Tysons this past July. Like the original, Tysons’ Urban Plates dishes out healthy and affordable...


Enjoy an All-You-Can-Eat Brunch at Founding Farmers Tysons

When you step into Founding Farmers Tysons for brunch, you may not feel like you've arrived at a restaurant. The designer created a space that evokes a traditional farmhouse with sections modeled after a sun tea room, a barn, a living room, and even the pantry. The rustic-chic setting is...


Charlotte Artisanal: Crepes, Macarons and Other European Eats

The namesake for Charlotte Artisanal, young Charlotte, speaks three languages: French, Spanish, and English. That’s because she has lived all over the world with her parents, whose global travels inspired them to open this creperie, bistro, and cafe. Much like fun-loving Charlotte, the menu is creative and playful. It offers...


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