Dolce Vita Ciccheti Wine Bar: Perhaps the Town’s Best Happy Hour

There always seems to be so much to learn and enjoy about wine. If you’re looking to expand your vino horizons, you should absolutely pay a visit to Dolce Vita Ciccheti Wine Bar. This full-service bar is of course a wonderful place to try a massive variety of wines, but...


Brunch It Up at Brine

It's never too early in the morning to savor some fresh seafood. That's why Brine dishes out oysters and clams on the half-shell even during its weekend brunch. The Olde Salt Clams are just $1.50 apiece during brunch, while the local oysters on the half-shell (all sourced from Virginia) come...


Savor Authentic Italian Cuisine at La Favola in Fairfax

Restaurateur Jawad Laouaouda knows that when it comes to cuisine, slower is better. He’s a proponent of the slow food movement, which simply states that fresh, local fare crafted with care is better than cheap, quick-serve food. It may seem like an obvious concept, but, in fact, this philosophy distinguishes...


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