Marvel at Latte Art at Shotted Specialty Coffee

January 22, 2021 | Apartments
Marvel at Latte Art at Shotted Specialty Coffee

Looking for a cup of coffee that will make you feel as “brew-tiful” as the drink itself? Look no further than Shotted Specialty Coffee at Tysons Corner Center. Their artistic beverage options range from classic brews and espressos to more creative caffeine varieties, like a hot or iced pistachio latte. 

Not much for coffee? Take advantage of their matcha, chai, or other tea options for something tasty to sip. An iced tea is sure to be just as aesthetically pleasing as an artful latte when it comes #ShottedWith! Even if you’re not one to fill your Instagram feed and Snapchat story with what you’re eating or drinking, you’ll want to when you’ve got your hands on a drink from Shotted Specialty Coffee. 

Feeling hungry? Indulge in an option from their bakery and dessert menu, filled with equally delicious and aesthetic options. From a buttery croissant to an eye-catching pistachio cake, it will be love at first bite as much as at first sip—or, with treats this pretty, a fairytale-worthy love at first sight. 

Hot or iced, and regardless of its accompaniment, after a love-infused order from Shotted Specialty Coffee, it might just become your favorite spot throughout Tysons.